24 Giugno 2020

La cross body bag, il trend dell’estate 2020

24 Giugno 2020

La cross body bag, il trend dell’estate 2020

24 Giugno 2020

La cross body bag, il trend dell’estate 2020

The Building Blocks of a Stylish and Trendy Summer 2020 Wardrobe for Men. Ecco i trend per un guardaroba trendy e di stile per l’estate 2020. Il nuovo dettame per l’uomo di questa stagione è la cross body bag.

Attention stylish and trendy men, are you looking to add some key pieces to your wardrobe for the season? Do you want to be sure you look your absolute best each time you step out of the house? Nothing quite does that like designer pieces, as they exude high fashion at all times and tend to offer some of the most flattering fits and designs. But what pieces are “big” for summer 2020? What should you be focused on picking up?

Here we’ll take a look at all the building blocks that will allow you to build a stylish and trendy summer wardrobe – one that will ensure you exude confidence and flair.

Incorporate Print into Your Wardrobe

One thing that guys can be guilty of is creating a wardrobe that is void of print. Print helps to break up the look, add texture and variety, and give that unique flair that solid colors simply can’t compete with. In terms of what print to choose, opt for something iconic and eye-catching like the famous Burberry print.

Burberry is well known for putting the print on just about any item you can think of from hats to shirts and jackets, shorts, pants, bags, shoes, socks, and more. You can really pick and choose how you want to work the print into your wardrobe, either going for a small little touch or going all out. SSENSE features all the top pieces, so you can really go wild with your shopping all from the comfort of your own home while shopping online.

The Cuban Collared Shirt

If you want to look ultra-trendy this summer, then a Cuban collared shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe. What makes this shirt different from a typical collared shirt is that the collar has a wider, more relaxed feel and look to it, yet the lapels are narrow. Be sure to choose a short-sleeved shirt in order to make it authentic.

Your Cuban shirt should also feature a print of some sort, making it feel more distinctive. Even bright, loud, and colorful prints work in this style.

The Cross-Body Bag – a Fashion Must-Have

Another item to pick up this summer is the cross-body bag for men. These tend to be a bulkier version than the women’s cross-body bags, but not by much. This is a great way to carry around all your important items that are still fashionable and stylish.

In terms of which bag to go for, you’ve got a lot of leeway here. There is no particular fabric, style, or color that is trending at the moment, so you’re really free to pick anything that works for your personal style and needs. Just be sure to look for something with an adjustable strap so you can get the perfect fit.

Monochromatic Suits – Take the Guesswork Out of Outfit Planning

For men in the market for a new suit, you’re going to want to go for a monochromatic look. The great news about this trend is that it completely takes the guesswork out of planning your outfit and trying to figure out what matches what.

Choose Longer Shorts

Of course, the best way to beat the summer heat is to stay cool and wear shorts – but not just any shorts; you want to pick up the season’s most trendy style. And what is the trending style for summer 2020? It’s all about the long short, hitting just below the knee. The shorts should be shorter than capris but cover the knees completely.

Again, you’ve got a lot of leeway where fabric, color, and print are concerned, allowing you to inject your own personal flair. If you want to add some extra style to this trend, opt for a slim-lined silhouette that doesn’t feature any extra bulk. Also, choose something in a soft or pastel color to give that real summer vibe.

Add Your Own Personal Twist to the Styles

Of course, the final tip is to get a little creative on your own and style these pieces with your own personal twist. Often that means reaching into your wardrobe and grabbing something that is older, well-loved, and completely “you” and then pairing it with something new and trendy. It helps to create a unique look that won’t be duplicated.

The Must-Have Trend-Setting Pieces

So, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe in a big way and ensure that you’re fashionable and trendy all summer long, these are some of the building blocks that you’ll want to work into your existing wardrobe. What’s great is that many of these pieces can be mixed and matched with what you already have, providing you with even more potential outfits.

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